Jennie Nowers

As a Travel Specialist, I look to experience new destinations as often as possible. I love to explore, experience, taste, touch and simply breath in all there is to offer.

When I begin planning my own vacation, I start by doing research. I research the destination area, the people, the hotels, the cuisine, the nightlife and the activities. When there are things to learn, I will find a way to become an expert!

As I begin to familiarize myself, I will create a daily itinerary. This includes making dinner reservations, booking tours, or simply looking up the best beaches in the area. I may try to learn about the history of a particular city or country, so I will feel like part of that culture for the brief time I am there. I want to make sure that I have covered all of the details before I leave, so I don’t miss out on anything.

I exercise the same care and attention to detail with my clients’ vacation plans as I do with my own. Together we determine what they want to do, and what their goals are for their trip. Perhaps they know they want to visit the Caribbean, but hadn’t considered what island or resort, or even what travel documents will be required when leaving the country. I take the time to work with each client until we have put together the perfect vacation package.

That is why my clients work with a Travel Specialist like me! A vacation is an investment of time and money; I am here to be your “Investment Advisor”. I know the questions that need to be asked and the details that need to be considered.

While I currently hold certifications from various cruise lines and tour operators, I am very proud to have earned my Certified Travel Associate degree in September 2015. I am also a licensed member of IATAN.

Whether it is a weekend getaway or a 3 week road trip across the country, I am always ready for an Adventure! Travel is my passion, and I have curved that passion into the most fulfilling career as a Travel Specialist.

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Client Testimonials

I have used the services of Jennie Nowers for several trips and she never disappoints! I jokingly call her “JennieNowers Travel Extraordinaire”, but it really is well deserved. She consistently is a great listener and makes you sincerely feel that she wants you to have the very best experience when you travel. She asks a lot of questions to make sure she knows exactly what your goals and budget are and always manages to come up with some unusual surprises that I could not have done on my own. Her communication is excellent and she always is so accessible by email and phone. I have recommended Jennie time and time again and would not hesitate to do this again in the future. She planned an amazing get-away to Tennessee recently and I’m looking forward to using her services again for my November vacation!

Jennie was knowledgeable, clear, organized, extremely responsive, and so much fun! She answered all our questions and gave us great tips and suggestions. There is no way we could have managed this trip for six without her! We would absolutely recommend her to others (in fact, we have) and will use her again for future trips.

Jennie is wonderful! I’ve booked 4 trips with her and won’t book anymore without her. She makes everything easy and our travel experience is always flawless. I’m completely type A about planning things and so is she. She’s the only one I trust because she gets it right EVERY time!

Jennie has planned many trips for me, most importantly, my honeymoon, everything I asked for was provided and even things I didn’t think to request! Every question had an immediate response back. I highly recommend Jennie for any travel needs!